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27 September 2023 Giant schnauzer puppies / riesenschnauzer black

The first litter of Giant Schnauzers is from a male imported from Argentina! Welcome to the world of true elegance and sophistication! We are proud to present to you our unique litter of Giant Schnauzers, produced from a top quality imported male from Argentina. Here you will find not just dogs, but real aristocrats with purebred roots. Our Giant Schnauzers are: - Exclusivity: Our dogs are unique, and each of them is unique. - Care and attention: Here you will find puppies raised with love and care. - Health and beauty: Our pride is healthy and well-groomed animals. - Readiness for family life: Our Giant Schnauzers are ideal for active and wealthy people. See our Giant Schnauzers in all their glory: Contact us to learn more about our amazing dogs and book your next companion! We are located at: Moscow Region, Istra district, Borzye village, Svetlaya street, 2 Email: Contact phone number: +79859236825 Don't miss the chance to become the proud owner of a Giant Schnauzer, who will become a part of your successful, happy and exciting life!


27 august 2023 Giant schnauzer puppies / riesenschnauzer black

Welcome to the world of magnificent Giant Schnauzer puppies! We have an amazing opportunity to offer you puppies from an exclusive pair who are the heirs of two true jewels. The father of this amazing line is European Champion, proudly bears well-deserved titles and embodies the greatness of the breed. His descendants promise to be not only beautiful, but also successful working dogs. The father is European Champion, and the mother is a young, temperamental and energetic working dog, real fire! Thanks to her working skills, puppies promise to be not only faithful companions, but also reliable defenders. Choosing a puppy with us, you get: The guarantee of high-quality genetic characteristics and excellent health. Support and advice from experienced professionals Education in a friendly environment that will provide them with the best qualities Support and care that will turn your puppy into an ideal companion and faithful protector. Don't miss your chance to own a puppy with the perfect combination of beauty, character and working ability. Contact us today to book your future friend and companion who will bring color and devotion to your life. Let your home be filled with joy, energy, beauty and a faithful companion from our beautiful parents!


29 July 2023 Miniature schnauzer white puppies

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies of bright, clean, snow-white color male from the leading miniature schnauzer kennel in Spain, who conquered the Olympus of the largest European dog shows and a titled female, the correct small size with an excellent confident, schnauzer character. Parents of puppies are contact, perfectly trained, enchant with their behavior and charm of anyone who communicates with them! They are perfect models, affectionate friends and vigilant watchmen! Puppies Toddlers are cheerful, playful, perky and loving, ready to win the hearts of both children and adult serious brutal men. They will become an adornment of any ring at the most prestigious dog shows, they will support any of your adventures while traveling, they will be active and mischievous on walks, they will be affectionate, meek and inconspicuous at home, and during training they will show their intelligence and fearless character of a schnauzer!Take White Happiness into your house to fill your life with new emotions!


21.07.2023 Black schnauzer puppies

Our parents are show titles dogs, which guarantees the high quality of the breed and the excellent working qualities of the puppies. - Our puppies will grow into perfectly socialized and healthy dogs, ready to become reliable and devoted companions of your family. -We offer: Puppies from prestigious parents with an elite pedigree with excellent appearance and pedigree qualities. All puppies will have the necessary vaccinations and microchips. We provide useful information about proper care, upbringing and training. -Call us now to get more information about puppies and make a reservation - Our puppies are looking for loving homes where they will be given attention, care and conditions for a fulfilling life. Don't miss the opportunity to become the proud owner of a puppy from excellent parents! Contact us right now and get the perfect companion for life.


Amazing SCHNAUZER PUPPIES black color

I present to you a litter of black standard schnauzers. This is a very rare variety of schnauzer in our kennel. For those who dream of a Giant Schnauzer, but cannot get a big Giant Schnauzer dog. There is a unique opportunity to fulfill your dream. We have black Mittelschnauzer puppies. The Standard Schnauzer is not a small dog, but a real Protector Dog: security guard, just a dear friend. Exclusive Classic in black color - schnauzer puppies from our imported young female from the eminent kennel of Serbia, which we specially brought to get a new population of unique puppies in the kennel


15.04.2023 Miniature schnauzer puppies black colour


Puppies of the Riesenschnauzer and MiniatureSchnauzer black and white colour

TOP Kennel of Russia in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 "Gently Born" has black Riesenshnauzer / Giant Schnauzer puppies and exclusive white miniature shnauzer / zwergschnauzer puppies available now. Out puppies come with all the necessary documents and health guarantee, are vaccinated, and are raised with love, they are playful and friendly. We provide you with the set of documents for each puppy:- Puppy registration documents/Pedigree (puppy card, if needed - FCI pedigree) - International veterinary certificate. If needed - European Union veterinary certificate and chip The price for the puppies may vary and depends on its pedigree, classification and show and training perspectives. Anyway all our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health, free of genetic defects, sociable and great for shows, sport, breeding or just as a friend for you and your family/children. We guarantee our professional attention for all our customers, and will be happy to help answer any of your questions concerning raising the puppy, training, etc. For our puppies: lifelong consultation, veterinary assistance, professional dog food with discounts, training facilities, grooming and everything that your puppy may need. If you are interested in our puppies, please contact us at 8-495-9236825 or by e-mail info@gentlyborn.comWe will be glad to help you choose the puppy breed, color, coat type. Please feel free to call us now and visit us. Adorable puppies are waiting for their new owners!